Affiliated Clubs

Fredericksburg FC, Tidewater Sharks, and Virginia FA

Part of Richmond United's vision is to inspire our members, strive to achieve excellence and unite our soccer community. With this in mind, Richmond United has started a Club Affiliation program in 2019 to have all clubs within our community collaborate to optimize the development of all players, coaches and technical staff.

The founding members of this program were Fredericksburg FC and Tidewater Sharks, in addition to parent clubs Richmond Strikers and Richmond Kickers. In 2021, Virginia FA became the 3rd affiliate club to work with Richmond United!

As part of the affiliation agreements, the clubs are working together to improve the following areas:

1.) Player Development 
Affiliated clubs have the ability to provide their most talented players with a clear pathway to the highest level of US Soccer. High-Performing players of affiliated clubs will have the ability to join Richmond United as Developmental Players while also registering with the affiliated club. This way, the Developmental Player has the benefit of receiving the additional challenge of Richmond United’s ECNL environment while also receiving additional opportunities within his own club to compete in environments that are in the best interest of the individual’s development. Richmond United and affiliated clubs will work together in providing all players an appropriate level of competition based on the individual player's ability and goals.  

2.) Club/Staff Development
Technical staff and coaches of Richmond United and affiliated clubs will meet regularly and share best practices (e.g. curriculum, session design) and collaborate on development initiatives (e.g. Bio-Banding) or events (e.g. Talent ID Days, scrimmage festivals or camps) to improve the everyday environment for all clubs.

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