International Competition

One of the US Soccer Development Academy’s goals is to develop world-class players. As such, Richmond United is trying to create environments where players have opportunities to measure themselves against the best players in the world.

We believe that for the development of the player it is important to be put in uncomfortable situations. Playing in another country, against players from a different culture and with a different mentality and tactical approach, challenges our players in a way they can't experience during the regular season. The players have the opportunity to experience how the international passion for soccer fuels all aspects of the game in different countries. This ability to compete against the best youth players in the world and immerse themselves in a different culture is a valuable development opportunity for Richmond United players.

Every year, our U13 team travels in June to France to participate in the Tournoi International de Guerledan. This is a landmark in the French soccer calendar, with the best French youth Academies participating in this 8v8 event. Teams from Brazil and other parts of Europe will also be in attendance.


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