Video Analysis

We believe that Video Analysis is an important tool for the players and coaches to use in the development process. We have online access to all home and away games. Video Analysis is used in following ways:

  • Coaches review the game to identify the effectiveness of the practice week leading up to the game. Did the team/players improve in the development objectives for the week? What players made significant progress and what players need more time/feedback?
  • Coaches review the game to further identify areas of improvement for players/teams
  • Coaches take clips from games to show to players at practice to paint a better picture of the topic for the day
  • Coaches take clips from games to show to players individually to better explain the strength and/or areas of improvement for each player
  • Players can review the games to measure improvements in their individual development objectives
  • Older players can use the video to create highlight clips used in their college recruiting process


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