Richmond United and Bons Secours Partnership

Richmond United and Bons Secours Partnership


Medicine to optimize the player development environment for the US Soccer Development Academy players. Bon Secours provides customized programs in state-of-the-art facilities to emphasize proper nutrition, mindset, movement and recovery year-round.

“Bon Secours’ expertise in Sports Performance and Sports Medicine has been a wonderful benefit to our players and brought us closer to our vision of offering the most comprehensive and successful player development environment for soccer in the Central Virginia region.” explains Sascha Goerres, Richmond United’s Academy Director.

Since the inception of Richmond United in 2014, Bon Secours has provided Certified Athletic Trainers for all Richmond United home games so that players can be evaluated and treated immediately in case of injury. Especially in case of head injuries, Bon Secours’ professionals are available on-site to extensively and appropriately assess a player’s health and ability to return to play.

When injuries occur, Richmond United players are entitled to preferred treatment with Bon Secours Sports Medicine , whose highly qualified professionals are able to provide tailored treatment and recovery plans.

“My goals are to help these young athletes grow and develop to reach their athletic potential and healthiest self. By teaching them about sports nutrition, they build their confidence in making healthy food choices to fuel them on and off the soccer field.” –Abby Forman, Registered Dietician.

During the offseason, December through February, Richmond United U13-U19 players work with highly qualified Sports Performance and Sports Nutrition Specialists for customized, soccer-specific strength, power, speed and agility training. Additionally, Richmond United players and parents have access to age-appropriate seminars on nutrition and its impact on performance, game preparation and recovery. Athletes are also provided with post-workout snacks to optimize their performance gains and help provide examples of how to apply what they learned in their nutrition seminars.

A Richmond United parent says - “[My son’s ] body has transformed after receiving your nutrition orientation. We knew he would take very seriously his chance of playing with RU and it really began with that meeting with Abby Forman. He has never been this fit and continues to improve. By far he is the healthiest eater in our family, inspiring even his brother to improve his habits. He’s known at school for the lunch he brings, which he makes every day. When we visited our family for Christmas and New Years, he took advantage of the wonderful variety of non-processed foods. Returned healthier!! And faster!! And stronger!! Thank you!”

Bon Secours Sports Performance currently offers an eight-week injury prevention and performance training program. The program evaluates initial strength gains and progresses toward a comprehensive plyometric program simulating sport-specific movement patterns. By promoting gains in strength, coordination and power, this program is designed to improve athletic performance and reduce ACL injury risk.

United team members are provided a discounted rate on individual Sports Nutrition sessions with our Registered Dietitian to address specific performance issues or goals. (20% discount on initial assessment)

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